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Our patients are primarily human beings, and therefore will be taken into account as such, we do not want to be entrusted to a purely economic objective, what differentiates us is precisely 'transparency and honesty'.

We want the dentist and the patient to get to know each other on the first visit (free of charge) and to understand and locate the problem so that a cure can be achieved with a program and budget adapted to the needs and availability of the patient. Our attention is based on restoring the patient a smile with high quality materials and techniques that will last in time.







Implant: It is a sanitary product that replaces the missing root allowing the placement of a ceramic tooth. It is usually threaded and is made of biocompatible materials (titanium) that do not produce rejection reaction and allow its bonding to the bone.

How do dental implants work? 

The implant fuses with the mandibular bone, providing a stable support for artificial teeth. The prostheses and the bridges placed on the implants do not slide or run in the mouth, which is an especially important advantage for mastication and speech. This adaptation helps prostheses and bridges (as well as the individual crowns placed on the implants feel more natural than the conventional ones.

For some people, ordinary bridges or prostheses are uncomfortable because they produce irritations, have too narrow edges or cause nausea. In addition, traditional bridges should be attached to the teeth on both sides of the empty space. An advantage of implants is that it is not necessary to wear adjacent teeth to hold the replacement teeth.

To receive implants, it is necessary to have healthy gums and adequate bone that supports the implant. 

The patient must also make a commitment to keep these structures healthy. Meticulous oral hygiene and regular dental visits are essential for dental implants to be successful in the long term.

Implants are more expensive than other methods of replacing dental pieces and most insurance companies do not cover them, or cover less than 10 percent of fees.

The American Dental Association considers safe two types of implants:

  1. Endosteal Implants: Implanted surgically directly into the maxillary bones. Once the surrounding tissue has healed, a second surgery is required to attach a post to the original implant. Finally, an artificial tooth (or several) is placed on the post. The teeth will be individual, or they will be grouped in a bridge or fixed prosthesis.
  2. Subperiosteal Implant: These consist of a kind of saddle that is placed in the maxillary bones just below the gum. With the healing of the gums, the frame is fixed to the maxillary bone. The posts, which are placed on the mount, protrude through the gums. As with endosteal implants, artificial teeth are placed on these posts.


Equipped with the latest advances in technology.


All aesthetic medicine treatments are performed by skilled and professional hands.

Hyaluronic acid

This substance is non-toxic, biocompatible and resorbable. Hyaluronic acid is already present in the connective tissues of the human being. With the aging it is lost and for that reason the skin is less tense, seems flaccid and the result is a loss of tone of the form of the face. Facial remodeling with hyaluronic acid restores youth to the face and smile.

What is our treatment of hyaluronic acid?

The medical technique without a scalpel always with local and topical anesthesia is a painless procedure. With the applications of micro-injections we regenerate the lost volume, we eliminate wrinkles, groove and we donate volume to the lips. We will restore the youth to your face and smile. 

Medical Peeling

Medical peeling treats skin rejuvenation: appearance, color, texture, fine or moderate wrinkles, enlarged pores, small scars and / or injuries due to acne.

What is our medical peeling treatment?

A chemical is applied to the skin that causes a slight peeling. The result is a complete epidermal replacement. The composition and concentration of the product used and the skin type will determine a visible result.


Facial mesotherapy is the application with micro injections of vitamins, hyaluronic acid and minerals that contributes to facial skin resurfacing improving wrinkles, blemishes and sagging.

What is our mesotherapy treatment?

In a 20 minute session with local and topical anesthesia we injected the active principles where a fast tensor effect is perceived.


The DAMON system

1. How long will I have to wear orthodontics?

Good news: Up to 6 months less treatment duration!

Fewer visits: 47% fewer visits than with any other orthodontic system!

He also thinks that each visit has a shorter duration and you will also have fewer emergency visits (loose braces, minor annoyances, ...). In short you will have more time to enjoy life and your smile

2. Will it bother me?

The Damon Orthodontic System ensures greater comfort throughout the treatment. This is so because the devices of the Damon system have a mechanism that allows the dentist to use much lighter forces to move the dental pieces to their correct positions. So not only does it shorten the treatment, it is also more comfortable.

3. How much money does Damon orthodontic treatment cost?

In GUARGACHO DENTAL CLINIC we discard conventional orthodontics for most clients and we do not want the price of orthodontic treatment with Damon to be a problem. Our goal as a dental clinic is to offer you the best prices. With orthodontics Damon is no exception:

The price of an orthodontic treatment with Damon varies. In order to determine the exact cost (depends on each case and the estimated duration of treatment), do not hesitate to contact us. We offer you a visit totally free and without commitment!

We finance your treatment without interest, during the months that it lasts.

4. It notice too much!

The Damon System uses forces that respect the biological principles, creating spaces of natural form, avoiding in most cases to make extractions.

In the very few cases where some extraction is required is to increase the facial symmetry, thus achieving a smile and a more natural profile.

5. Is it just for kids?

Do not!. Almost 50% of our clients are adults.

The Damon System is based on a philosophy of treatment that goes even beyond orthodontics. It enters the field of facial aesthetics.

We take into account the patient as a whole: the shape of the face, profile and appearance when the 40, 50 and beyond.

Many patients notice a major change, not only to their teeth, but to their entire face. It calls "the lifting effect of the Damon System".

These are its effects:

We get a fuller and wider smile

Improve facial balance and aesthetics

Smoothes the contours of the cheeks, widening the narrow smiles making them full and attractive

Reduces dark triangles at the corners of the lips

Straighten teeth and resolve crowding

Improve your profile and get a real facial rejuvenation.

Some testimonials from our clients

“I took my 7 year old daughter for the first time, I was very nervous, but the truth is that the quality and good service reassured me and my daughter was very happy.”

“I am a regular customer of this clinic because I love the treatment and dedication that all the employees put.”

“Excellent service and professionalism.”

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